Appreciative Living

The Enneagram Effective Relationship Management Seminar

The full program workshop is geared towards people interested in tapping the human personality and understanding how to interact with and manage relationships better. It is specifically tailored towards the following groups of people: Business leaders, managers, change agents, facilitators, communicators and trainers who are concerned with maximising human potential at work to build effective […]

Your Conflict Management Style

How would you describe your most often used method of dealing with conflict?   Aggressive (Escalating) You make threats instead of requests?  You rely on action to rather than words to communicate? You take away the rights of others by behaving violently or abusively?  You make “You statements” (accusing and finger pointing). Your thinking stays […]

The Art of Memory

There is an old joke about some elderly immigrants who are arguing over how a ritual was performed decades before in the old country. Exasperated they decided to go to the oldest member of their group who was 97. The old man replied, that while he could not remember how the ritual was performed, he […]

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