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Idealism gives way to cynicism

The post-World Cup return to the harsh reality of the past few weeks has been perplexing for anyone who loves and is committed to this country. We must create that binding sense of a national project The questions that beg to be answered arewhy a nation born out of a struggle to achieve lofty ideals […]

Games from cradle to grave

If you observe people from the earliest age, you will notice that human interaction is organised around the quest for power and competition. All that changes is the level of sophistication and finesse Who controls the game, w ho is daddy’s favourite, who plays with whom and who is excluded? These are a few issues […]

The leaps we take in faith

You are often put in a position in which you have to invite and include someone into your world who is going to make a difference to your life. ‘I saw the signs . I just chose ignore them’ You do this when you make friends, propose to someone, employ someone or vote someone into […]

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