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Your Conflict Management Style

How would you describe your most often used method of dealing with conflict?   Aggressive (Escalating) You make threats instead of requests?  You rely on action to rather than words to communicate? You take away the rights of others by behaving violently or abusively?  You make “You statements” (accusing and finger pointing). Your thinking stays […]

Appreciative Relationships: Discovering and Re-Claiming Your Inner Wealth

This experiential workshop is about re-searching your personal narrative and re-examining your personal narrative through the eyes of appreciative witnesses. The alchemists of old spoke about the idea of, through the alchemical process, turning base metals into gold.  As you release the stories from these previously un‐re‐searched areas of your life, you too are, through […]

Appreciative Approach to Innovation

When the different aspects of you are in disharmony your experience of life is fragmented. In this state all you are able to do is survive, cope and manage the status-quo in a more or less ad-hoc manner. Attention and energy go into trying to create order and fielding the unrelenting demands and challenges of […]

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