Personal Development Course Handouts

The Integrated Lifestyle Make-over Program

The latest nutrition and lifestyle revolution emphasises sustainable results from a program that you can enjoy and live with long-term.  Dr Charlene Wolberg, a medical doctor with advanced qualifications in dietetics and Leonard Carr a clinical psychologist and internationally recognised expert on personality have teamed up to create a holistic integrated lifestyle program based on […]

Introduction to The Enneagram Workshop: What makes Your Relationships Work For You

personal This knowledge will help you to manage your relationships in a more conscious and pro-active way. You will also learn to identify more accurately what “pushes your buttons” and how you can gain more positive power or effectiveness in your relationships. When: 21 May 2012 Time: 19h30 – 21h00 Where: 2nd Floor, Regus Business Centre, Nelson Mandela […]

Optimise Your Learning Experience

Reflect on these points before and after each break in the workshop. The practice of silence is strongly recommended as a path to self-awareness. Be as centered or grounded inside yourself as you possibly can and simply present to what is going on-embody a stance of respect and regard. Focus personal notes on your own […]

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