Personal Growth

The Excellence Code: How to Succeed in Failure

How to Succeed in Failure 1. Subscribe to the belief that less than perfect is failure. Tenaciously hold on to the belief that anything less than perfection is failure and that you need to be perfect and get it right all the time. 2. Be Superwoman/Superman Believe that if you are good enough then everything […]

Your Conflict Management Style

How would you describe your most often used method of dealing with conflict?   Aggressive (Escalating) You make threats instead of requests?  You rely on action to rather than words to communicate? You take away the rights of others by behaving violently or abusively?  You make “You statements” (accusing and finger pointing). Your thinking stays […]

The Voices in Your Head

One of the questions a psychiatrist asks a person suspected of being psychotic is “do you hear voices”. The truth is that we all hear voices. The difference is that psychotic people experience the voices as being alien and outside of themselves while the rest of us think that we are hearing our own thoughts. […]

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