Benefits of Appreciative Appraoch

Benefits of this approach:

1.      Unlocks the power of profound and deep psychological concepts by translating them into everyday practical terms and applications without losing substance or depth.

2.      Is useful in any relationship whether with yourself, at work or personal relationships. It can also be used as a powerful and effective method of counselling, coaching and mentoring, for effective leadership, management and team building.

3.      It allows people draw upon their own life experience in terms of skills that they have applied and may be well practiced or from what they witnessed growing up and having experienced and observed people in those roles.

4.      It models the approach of creating contexts in which people thrive and develop and bring out their highest potential as opposed to a mechanistic formulaic approach or teaching techniques and ideas that people cannot readily apply.

5.      It focuses on translating understanding into embodied values and practices taking participants beyond mere theory and gimmicks or techniques.

6.      Empowers people through developing deeper and more nuanced self-knowledge to draw on their own personal resources like wisdom, talent, inspiration and skilfulness and to reclaim power and creativity that is concealed by their “blind-spots”.

7.      Not a pre-packaged standardised generic program but is designed to be nuanced, ecological and adaptive to contexts.

8.      It offers an entire world or personal and organisational growth. Those who enter through the corporate or personal route are provided with opportunities to apply the learning in other areas of their lives.

9.       Is based on thirty years clinical and organisational experience.

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