Appreciative Relationships: Re-Claiming Your Inner Wealth

Each of us has within our life stories, boundless well-springs of wisdom, inspiration, vision, talent and even brilliance.

These resources often remain dormant, un-claimed and seemingly lost to us. We lose the knowledge of our potential and power through choices made out of fear or a need to please, or to attain goals that we believe will serve but that in fact divert and distract us from becoming who we most long to be.  Often our vision of who we could become is extinguished by voices of discouragement, disqualification or ridicule.

This experiential workshop is about re-searching your personal narrative and re-examining your personal narrative through the eyes of appreciative witnesses.

Appreciative witnesses are those people in your life who, through one passing comment or observation or years of valuing and affirming you planted the seeds of you being aware of and drawing upon your real potential.

Enlightening the Heart is about re-illuminating ourselves, making contact with our inner brilliance and appreciating the personal  assets that we contain within us that we can draw upon to become who we most deeply long and aspire to being.

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