Appreciative Relationships: Discovering and Re-Claiming Your Inner Wealth

This experiential workshop is about re-searching your personal narrative and re-examining your personal narrative through the eyes of appreciative witnesses.

The alchemists of old spoke about the idea of, through the alchemical process, turning base metals into gold.  As you release the stories from these previously un‐re‐searched areas of your life, you too are, through the re‐search process turning what seem like ordinary encounters and experiences in your life into the gold of wisdom and reflections about who you truly are as a person.

Through this process you will start to re‐claim some of the richness and knowledge about what in your life has been precious and dear to you as well as re‐discovering the ways that you have made a contribution and been precious and dear to others in your life.

You will now be able to keep this knowledge alive inside you and draw from it, as it more and more becomes a source of encouragement and inspiration, helping you to stay close to what you really value and find important in your life.

Each of us has within our life stories, boundless well-springs of wisdom, inspiration, vision, talent and even brilliance. These resources often remain dormant, unclaimed and seemingly lost to us. Appreciative witnesses enlighten the heart, illuminating and connecting you to with your inner brilliance. This leads to the deeper and more nuanced and sophisticated appreciation of your the personal assets.

With this knowledge you can draw more readily upon your inner riches and invest them into becoming the person that you most deeply wish and aspire to become.

The cost of this workshop is R 750 excluding vat. The cost can be claimed from medical aid and be alsomost entirely covered as group therapy.

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