Appreciative Personality Psychology

This is an introductory course on personality. It is the entry course that is a prerequisite to particiaption in any of the other programs.

In this workshop you will get to explore the Appreciative Approach to Personality Psychology which is the psychology of how we particapate in the co-creation of ourselves and others.

This is a new approach to personality. It is based on the notion that you shape your reality and behaviour through the excersise of free choices.

More particularly how your habits of paying attention, interpreting and responding to those experiences gives rise to your world.

To understand yourself deeply you need to appreciate how your maps of the world develop from birth; how you get recruited into the narratives that express themselves through the ways that you make sense of and respond to the world.  Out of this will emerge the concepts, fundamental to this approach, of your essential sense of substance or insufficiency and how that manifests in your ways of being in the world.

Appreciative Personality Mapping, taught on the advanced course, is used as a basis to practically explore the concept of  co-creation of your personal and relationship world.

Exploring this map will give you the tools for overcoming hidden obstacles, empowering you to create transformation in your life, by aligning fully your way of being with your most deeply held values and ideals.

This approach honours all schools of psychological knowledge as well as drawing upon metaphors and insights from spiritual traditions and quantum physics.

Through the organising framework of the Appreciative Personality Mapping, which is presented in the workshop that follows htis one, ,all of this knowledge can be woven into a coherent tapestry that will serve as a backdrop for self-understanding and nuanced awareness.


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