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Appreciative Personality Psychology is one of the most powerful and effective tools for enhancing human potential and facilitating change in both the workplace and in peoples’ personal lives. It combines traditional and cutting edge psychological theory to create a comprehensive map for the understanding and management of people.

The dynamic mapping process taught on this course makes explicit the understanding that people are different in terms of their approach to life and tasks and therefore need to be managed accordingly.

It provides an encompassing perspective that enables one to make informed decisions about which approach to use for different people under different circumstances.

Having been derived from diverse sources and traditions, the process is culture free, non-judgmental. It provides a comprehensive detailed understanding of the best and most challenging aspects of human behaviour.

The system can be applied on both a personal and an organisational level. On an organisational level it provides a lens through which to clearly perceive and define company culture and map the possibilities for growth and development of the company.

What Appreciative Personality Mapping © can be used for?

  • to develop, understand and motivate teams, as well as provide insight into the participation of individual members or the functioning of the team as a whole. It also highlights possible barriers to team effectiveness
  • to enable management to understand their individual and collective management styles and identify their particular strengths and growth needs, as well as those of their employees
  • to make explicit the gifts that each employee brings to the company by virtue of their unique characteristics’, and what placement or environment will best support that type and help each person to harness their full potential
  • to create mutual understanding amongst people working together, minimising conflict and assisting with quick and efficient conflict resolution when it arises, because it sensitises people to each other’s “hot-buttons” and sensitivities.

The insight created by the appreciative mapping process leads to the creation of a more compassionate and understanding company culture that is more embracing of diversity as well as more rewarding and synergistic relationships amongst members. This in turn promotes a more efficient use of time and energy, as less time needs to be spent on sorting out conflicts or misunderstandings that so often arise when people work together.

Benefits of Appreciative Personality Mapping

The Appreciative Personality Mapping exposes the unconscious assumptions – closely held opinions, inclinations and expectations – that we barely knew we had but which drive the way we see ourselves, do our work, relate to colleagues and make decisions.

When you know the Appreciative Personality Maps, the thinking and behavioural styles of the people with whom you work, you can see their blind spots and nurture their natural strengths.

When you know your own style you can get out of your own way and lead and communicate with clarity and power.

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