Appreciative Management and Leadership:The Next Level

Advancing to the Next Level of Organisational Effectiveness

In the complexity of today’s business world, to be effective, leaders need to have mastery over the complexities of diverse culture, value systems, motivations and working styles.

Effective leaders through their way of being that is aligned with their deeply held values and ideals, catalyse those around them into living their own values and ideals, while at the same all working in the service of the greater good.

This catalytic leadership program uses an integrated approach that empowers leaders to develop proficiency in personal development, understanding and managing diversity, inter-personal skills and organisational dynamics.

The Facilitation of Change

Leaders and senior managers, while they believe that the transformation of a company’s culture is possible, lack the capacity to conceive, plan and implement change to a degree which is transformational. This is not because they lack the intellect to do so, but rather because of habits of thinking and meaning-making that limits their capacity to perceive new options or more encompassing alternative perspectives needed to foster such change.

The capacities that can enable them to purposefully create particular types of organizational culture can be developed.

Because of the sheer complexity of an organization, the ability to make analyze and make meaning at various levels, from the personal, to the interpersonal to the organizational and systems levels needs to be systematically developed in leaders, as most people seem to specialize and be most comfortable focusing primarily on one of those levels.

Effective Leadership

In order to become an effective leader, one has to become a more self-aware and integrated human being. This means being both psychologically integrated as well as having an insight into others and into the role of leadership. An integrated approach is one that is comprehensive, multi-dimensional and adaptive.

This program seeks to create within an organisation series of forums that create networks of mutually supportive leaders who develop a common language and collaborate to achieve the firms’ vision and objectives. The power of the forums would derive from the members mobilising the combined resources of a group who see themselves as collegial partners, all working for the same ends and toward the common good, rather than as rivals.

By having these forums members will be able to keep each other inspired, share insights, maintain awareness and empower themselves and each other in order to more creatively deal with the particular challenges that people face in organizations.


Leadership defined:

•          Beginning with the end in mind, leadership will be defined and the concept of catalytic leadership will be explored in depth

•          The concept of appreciative leadership and management will be broken down into a set of defined catalytic skills or attributes which can be acquired or evolved

The Opportunity:

Personal Mastery

  • Learn how we create the realities in which we live through language
  • Through experiential exercises, this workshop will give participants the opportunity to discover the hidden sources of power and talent within their own narratives
  • Discover the wisdom and resources inherent in their personality style, world view and talents.
  • Discover the blind spots that get in their way of harnessing their potential for creative and masterful relationship building
  • Create a map for future personal and professional development


A. Self-Development

•          Understand the role of narrative in personal development

•          Develop in depth self-understanding through self-observation using tools like the Appreciative Personality Mapping, Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics and the Gallup Strengths Finder.

•          Develop more profound insight into interpersonal and organisational dynamics

•          Expand and deepen empathy, insight and emotional intelligence

•          Appreciate the meaning of relationship building

•          Understand the role of power and the power dynamics inherent in relationships

B. Managing Diversity

A deep comprehensive awareness of diversity in all its forms, like gender, culture, birth order, thinking and personality styles, age and generational issues will be fostered. Building on the awareness managers will be enabled to take a more sophisticated and nuanced approach to transformation and creating a fully inclusive business, while maintaining an internationally competitive investment banking culture.

This means understanding the interpersonal issues and blind spots that lead to dehumanizing and exclusionary practices that prevent people from manifesting or growing their potential in the firm.

Anticipated time and format

•          The ideal format would be one hour per week or ninety minutes every second week over a period of one year.

  • The format can also be done in a full day format.

•          The course is conducted in small forums consisting of ma maximum of 12 participants.

  • There is didactic input, exercises and the opportunity to discuss how the topics covered can be applied to their particular challenges.

•          Personal coaching/mentoring would be offered to support and augment/deepen what participants learnt in the group sessions.

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