Appreciative Living

Making Friends Again: Re-creating Your Home in The World

Your relationship with the world mirrors your relationship with yourself. The focal point of the workshop is deepening your relationship with yourself.

Through increased insight and awareness you will fully appreciate the abundant wisdom, talent , inspiration and power available to you from your life story. With this understanding you will be empowered to align your life more closely to your most deeply held values and ideals.

In this rich and colourful workshop/retreat, a protected time, and a private space, will be created, offering you the opportunity answer fundamental that each of is challenged to answer at the important thresholds’ and critical choice points and developments in our lives.

These questions are:

* Where are you in your world?

* How have you arrived in this place?

* Where would you prefer or hope to be?

* What is the next step that you will need to take in order to get there?

* What and who do you need to take with you?

* What and who do you need to leave behind?

Embark on a creative journey through your own narrative, retracing your steps, and gaining insight into the ways that you navigate through, make sense of, and respond to the world.

Though this adventure in personal growth you will appreciate the panorama of the infinite possibilities contained within your own life story. Accessing these resources deepen your sense of purpose and meaning in life.

This workshop will be practical and hands on, allowing each participant to work in a private space and emerge from the process with practical ideas for application of the insights gained.

Workshop Outline

The delegates would be given an exercise to do before the workshop.

(It will be emailed to them upon registration).

Each session begins with an explanation of the theoretical basis for the work of the session.

Fundamental to the approach is the understanding that the world in which you live is a mirror of your own consciousness.

We all have a blind-spot regarding our participation in the creation of our world. Your blind spot is place where you lose power and energy while it remains opaque to you and the source of tremendous energy and personal effectiveness when through this work it becomes explicit.

The workshop explores the elements of your personal narrative as it emerges from the narrative exercise. The guiding themes and hidden resources implicit in your life story will be revealed.

Your narrative will provide the backdrop and reference point for the work that follows in subsequent workshops.

PLEASE NOTE: You are required to attend the Introduction to Appreciative Psychology in order to attend this workshop. To continue on to any of the Appreciative Personality Programs or Relationship Courses you need to have completed the Introduction to Appreciative Psychology and Appreciative Living Workshops.



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