Appreciative Approach to Development part 2: Personality as an Approach

Personality as an Approach

This personality is constituted through your approach to life, how you make sense of and respond to the world and what you perceive as the world’s relationship towards you, as well as what you miss or miss or misinterpret. Personality is not a “thing” that can be categorised, defined or measured. It is a description of the dominant themes and approaches that are evoked in different relational situations.  Not being a physical characteristic, personality does not really exist outside of relationship-it is constituted by the way people view and respond to each other.

Implicit in the choice of the term appreciative approach, is that personality is what your approach defines it to be. An approach relies on selected variables and categories used to define it what the approach is attempting to construct or explain.

In the present approach, personality is viewed as an idea that encompasses describes the dominant characteristics that you and others consider to be the make-up of what is believed to constitute ones unique personal identity.

It also encompasses all of the possibilities that lie in the shadows that remain dormant and outside of your awareness, rejected or undeveloped in you. It is in this area where you have the most potential to discover where you lose power and effectiveness. This is also the area where the biggest opportunities lie for increased personal mastery and resourcefulness through the expansion of your behavioural, emotional, cognitive and spiritual repertoire.


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