Appreciative Awareness-Hosting the Moment

Perfect moments in life occur when all of who you are shows up at the right place at the same time. This is what is poetically referred to as “being in the flow” or being fully present. Much of life also depends on pacing

When the various aspects of your inner being and experience are in disharmony your experience of living is fragmented.

Modes of experience arise and move at very different speeds and intensities and often in opposing directions.

The ability and capacity to host one’s own and other peoples inner experiences in ways that allow the time needed for different facets of experience to come together, is essential to having constructive fulfilling relationships.


In this workshop you will:

  1.  Discover the secret to becoming a great host
  2. Become aware of the three preferred modalities of experience, your heart, head and the part of you that takes action
  3. Become attuned to the voices and sensations of your inner experience
  4. Learn what it takes to become receptive and open to the signals and signs sent by others and connect their experience.
  5. Experience becoming more open and expansive to your won and the experience of others


The cost of this workshop is R 750 excluding vat. The cost can be claimed from medical aid and be alsomost entirely covered as group therapy.


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