Appreciation: The Choice of Word

Appreciation: The Choice of Word


  • Appreciation implies thankfulness.

On the most fundamental level this means an acknowledgment of the other.

It implies recognition of the presence or contribution of the other.

Thankfulness suggests having a sense of gratitude, being thankful and testifying to the contribution made or benefit received and paying tribute to the source of that goodness.


  • Appreciation also implies an understanding and recognition of worth

Appreciation in this sense demonstrates a grasp, perception, responsiveness, sensibility, sensitivity, sympathy and understanding.

It is a response to an appraisal or assessment or something of which one has become aware and taken cognizance of, comprehended, esteemed and valued.

It can apply to an aesthetic sense or knowledge, to a realisation, recognition.

This could be in the sense of high regard and admiration.

It could be in the sense of attraction, liking, affection, enjoyment, love, relish and respect.


This sense is the most important one for this approach; although it is dependent upon the other two sense of the word appreciate in order to become a manifest reality.




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