About Leonard

I am a clinical psychologist and teacher who is committed and inspired to spread wisdom gleaned from great thinkers to enable you to unlock your brilliance and boundless potential so that you can shine brightly and make your unique contribution to enlightening the world.

I work as a psychotherapist, an organisational development consultant, expert witness and coach.

I have a compelling vision to create a more reverend, compassionate and harmonious world by fostering appreciative relationships,leveraging the Enneagram & other psycho-spiritual ideas.



Brief C. V.

Leonard Carr BA (Wits), BA Hons (RAU), MA Clinical Psychology (UNISA) is a clinical psychologist who has over thirty years experience in counselling in lay, voluntary and professional settings.

Appreciative Personality Psychology

Leonard has developed an integral appreciative perspective on personality psychology that draws on insights from many schools of psychology and spiritual traditions.

Appreciative Personality Mapping is an interactive process that allows people to create a unique comprehensive framework for use in personal, relationship and organisational development.

He runs growth courses and workshops based on his model and its applications to the areas of leadership, organisational functioning, personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

Internationally recognised as an expert on personality and relationships, he has been cited in books and other publications and is regularly invited to present workshops and talks both locally and internationally.

Clinical Psychologist and Organisational Consultant

Leonard’s passion for understanding people has taken him into diverse settings spanning virtually the whole scope of psychological practice.

Leonard is a past chairperson of the South African Association of Marital and Family Therapy.

He has worked as an expert witness, accredited Mediator and forensic psychologist.

He is committed to serving the general community input and has worked for a large number of respected associations, organisations and institutions dealing with counselling for families and children.

Leonard has provided ongoing training, individual and group case consultation to many welfare and counselling organizations. He has and is currently consulting to NGO and Government Organisations, major corporate institutions as well as small and medium businesses.

Leonard in his clinical practice offers psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, family therapy, couples therapy and trauma debriefing.

TV Expert, Radio Presenter and TIMES Columnist

Leonard has appeared on national and international television and radio. He previously had a show called “The Soulfulness of Everyday Life” on Infusion Radio which was part of the World Space Global Satellite Radio Network and a weekly radio show on 101.9 Chai FM.

He has contributed to a number of popular and business publications on diverse topics ranging from organisational development and management issues,  marriage and parenting and the personality.

His weekly column in The Times called Shrink Rap.

Leonard is married and has five children.





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